Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Days Missed.

Thanks to everyone who is still checking in every now and then. Thanks so much for sharing in this important experience in my life. The official end date of my protest was this past Sunday (August 16, 2009) but I missed 4 days of protesting last week that I will be making up. I also want to share some of my thoughts on the whole protest experience as well as my future activism efforts in the psychiatric survivor movement.

I was debating as to how to gracefully retire my blog (my final post) but I decided that as with my activism efforts, I should to keep this blog going past my protest period. I came to know many people and share my protest with so many of you that I do not feel right in saying goodbye so abruptly. I only hope I can be a more disciplined blogger in the weeks and months to come and actually do some writing on a regular basis. Thanks to everyone who visited, commented, encouraged, and reached out.

God Bless.

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