Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Friends Hospital = Frustrations

When I emailed the patient rep at Friends Hospital in reply to his offer to look into my allegations, I very specifically requested that all correspondence shall be done through email. The reason I did this is two fold:
1. To maintain transparency*.
2. It is emotionally much easier for me to write something down on paper than to be speaking on the phone with the representative from the facility where I was severely abused.

I had experienced nothing but frustration in my attempts from years earlier when I tried to obtain my medical records from Friends Hospital. Their claim was at first that they had no records and later that it must have been misplaced. I don't know how many weeks I had to call them up and keep asking them about my records before they finally said that they "found" them. Each time I called, my heart was pounding and my voice cracked like the crush of dry leaves under the pain and frustration of having to endure this second victimization. I still do not have a complete set of my records as far as I believe.

So why should I endure the same cycle of deception and frustration? Well, life is about compromises so I am willing [to an extent] to endure some frustrations. I finally managed the courage to call Friends Hospital rep's number yesterday and got the answering machine. I did not leave a message. I called again today and got the same voice mail. I did leave a message today:
Hi Mr.*
This is Godly Mathew. I'm the gentleman who is protesting outside. You asked me to give you a call. It's really much, much more convinient and emotionally easier for me to do this by email but I'm trying to be as reasonable as possible but give me a call back if you rather do this over the phone but I am tape recording the whole thing because I want it to be transparent. You can call me on my cell if you like [*phone number]. Thanks.

There are plenty of businesses that conduct important, mission critical correspondence by email every day. I don't think my demand is at all unreasonable but life is all about compromises right?. Well, email or not - this will be transparent and I will be posting all transcripts on my blog.

For a complete record of all correspondence, Click here.

*In the interest of being objective, a friend of mine did critique my efforts at 'transparency'. You can read his views here.

So what do you think? Questions, comments, critiques? Feel free to email me.

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