Wednesday, June 17, 2009

                      l o v e

love is the eye that sought the light
and restlessly fought the weary nignt
and through the darkness while the world slept
the eye that believed and the eye that wept

love is the flame that burned anew
past the storm and winds that blew
past the anger, despair, and pain
and made my broken heart whole again

love is the distance i cannot gaze
the deep seas i cannot sail
the forgiveness and mercy even when i fail
love is God and his Grace.

Without my faith, I could not have forgave. I forgive ...


  1. Wow .. Godly .. did you compose this?

    it inspires me to look for the poetry i once wrote. and to think of a way to publish it for others to see eventually. i'm a little nervous about putting things out on the world wide web still though!

    Thank you for sharing such lovely words with us.

    And blessings on what you're doing to stand up for respect, dignity and fair treatment for everyone who is branded with mental illness.

  2. Thanks Jane! I did write this - about two years ago. I am so glad you liked it and I'm inspired to do more writing because of your comment. I have been feeling very 'dry' lately and this is exactly the type of feedback that motivates me again to pursue the higher things I sometimes feel unworthy / unsure of pursuing.

    I don't normally write poetry - but this one came so beautifully and effortlessly that it almost wrote itself. I think the whole poem took only a few minutes to write. I miss those moments of sheer inspiration.

    As far as your poetry - I hope you find it as well as share it with others. Let me know if you need any help setting up a blog or website. My writing is the most personal part of my life and I find that the more I share my writing, the more I share myself with the world and others. I do understand your nervousness as I experience it myself when I write something new.

    I hope we can make a difference in the mental health landscape and stop the unfair branding and subsequent abuse that is forced upon those who are different. Thanks again for all your encouragement. It means so much to hear from people like you and I feel hopeful and inspired to continue in my efforts.

    - g.m.