Thursday, June 11, 2009

Facebook Group: Stop Psychiatric Abuse

If you are on Facebook, please consider joining this group that I started to transform the mental health landscape through social activism.
Click Here To Join.

Here is the group's description as it appears on Facebook:
Help stop psychiatric abuse through grassroots activism. For too long, the mental health profession has spoken on behalf of the so called "mentally ill'' and they did not often have the patient's interests at heart. This needs to change; the voice of psychiatric survivors needs to be heard! The public conscience needs to be roused from the decades of inertia and indifference perpetuated by a self serving mental health system.

This will be an "Awareness to Activism" campaign. We will begin by first raising awareness of psychiatric abuse through the first hand accounts of psychiatric victims (including myself). For the personal stories of psychiatric survivors, please visit The focus will be on getting psychiatric survivors and activists to come forward with their perspective on mental health issues. The awareness needs to happen first. Later we will channel that awareness into meaningful activism through non violent means.

Network with survivors, activists, and their supporters in the quest to bring humane alternatives to the mental health landscape. Show your support for patient autonomy and civil rights by joining against the inhumane practices of institutional psychiatry.


Godly Mathew


  1. Wanted to post my support for you. I have been through similar situations as yours. I was active in the psychiatric survivor movement in the 1990's. Glad you are carrying on the fight. Perhaps we'll swap stories sometime.

  2. Thanks for your support, PC. It's always uplifting to meet a fellow psychiatric survivor. Of all the aspects of being a psychiatric victim, the feelings of isolation were the worst. Unfortunately, there does not seem to be a robust survivor movement in this part of the country. The need is there, it's just a matter of our will to speak out and work tirelessly towards that end. I hope more people will come forward and participate. We will definitely exchange stories. Looking forward to it.

  3. I want to send you lots ofsupport!