Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 50 of 100 - Thanks Everyone !!!

Day 50 of 100: Saturday, June 27 @ 11:15 pm to 12:15 am. My first protest past midnight...

Today (Saturday) was day 50 of my 100 day protest. I have not been blogging much in the last few days... but I thought that I should write something today. Not sure what exactly but I want to say how surreal this feels even after 50 days. More people reached out to me and more awareness is taking place than I could have anticipated when I first walked up to the boulevard on a Saturday morning almost two months ago. I feel full of gratitude towards everyone who supported and encouraged me. I realize more than ever the difficult road that lies ahead, but I also recognize more than ever the possibility of changing this horrible system of abuse. I am too exhausted and too empty of ideas to write something inspirational but I feel I must do the best to thank everyone. Sorry for how mundane this reads but if my words were able to convey even a small portion of the happiness and gratitude I feel at this movement, it would have been very beautiful writing indeed. Thanks everyone.

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