Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Days 11, 12 of 100

Day 11/100: Tuesday, May 19 @ 7:20 pm to 8:20 pm

Day 12/100: Wednesday, May 20 @ 7:20 pm to 8:20 pm

I am still gathering the strength to thoroughly document the abuse that happened to me at Friends...

Surprisingly, I find it fairly easy to talk about the incident (to the right people of course) but writing requires a different sort of strength - perhaps a more inner, solitary type that I do not possess. Each day of protesting is giving me the strength to confront the many memories I once buried away to survive. But I never cast those memories completely away. I knew their personal importance to me and always suspected their relevance to other victims of psych abuse. So I buried them deep in my heart for a time when I would be sufficient to bear them. Four years since it all happened, that time is finally dawning.

Hopefully, towards the end of the protest period, I will have my story written up and posted. Until then, my writing will probably dwell more on the generalities of psychiatric abuse and less on the specifics of what happened to me. I might also try a piecemeal approach where I focus on specific aspects of my story that I can later collect together to provide a full account.

As part of the '100 Day Protest', I am also planning on contacting the higher level administration at Friends Hospital to see if they will do a thorough investigation into the allegations of abuse that I bring forward. Thankfully I have obtained most of my hospital documents which will go a long way in confirming my account of the incident.

If anyone wants to read about first hand accounts of what psychiatric abuse victims go through, please read the personal stories of survivors at Mind Freedom's website. Someday I hope to have my own story published there. Especially check out Leonard Frank's story whose family and personal dynamics that led to his involuntary commitment were somewhat similar to mine, although his abuse was much, much worse than anything I endured. After reading their incredibly powerful and moving stories, I feel very humbled to consider myself a fellow psychiatric survivor.

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